Zara Dress: Where Sportswear and Femininity Align






In the words of my observant, nostalgic boyfriend “you look like you’re trying to be two Spice Girls at once.” Leave it to the one who sees you get ready, go through outfit change after frustrated outfit change 10 minutes after you’re supposed to be out the door to simplify the thematic elements of dress. It’s likely the mesh-cum-lace textiles juxtaposing in a sexy athletic way, the Sporty Spice to Baby Spice. But sportswear, albeit more comfortable and forgiving than the standard “day wear,” has become a staple of the way we’re dressing. Who says you can’t wear a $10 Carhartt beanie with a $750 silk dress? There are no do’s and don’ts anymore.

Seattle welcomed Zara to its city center this month, opening its doors to fashion-savvy, shopping pastimers to minimalism, structure, and Spanish fast-fashion luxe. I stupidly decided Saturday morning would be a great day to check it out, but I found a generous helping of money shot street style worthy items. Leather and sheer panels on shift dresses in conservative cuts. Pops of lemony yellows and pretty pinks on sleek, streamlined overcoats. Chunky black and white loafers atop towering heels. There may not be something for everyone. But to me, Zara’s appeal lies in its provision of downtown professional work wear, a combination of contemporary city style with the attitude of a Senior VP. More simply put: buying a blazer at Zara feels more professional than next to an acid wash jean at Forever 21.

Here comes a great (see terrible) metaphor: when it comes to styling sportswear, you are the official. Make the call to add feminine touches like a red lip or dress it even more down with a beanie. Or do both! It’s like Calvinball for fashion. You make the rules, the game never ends, and maybe you have a fuzzy striped tiger to hang out with when the day is done.




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