What’s Your Summer Breakup Song?


If summer’s the season of love, damn it’s a heatwave. We could blame it on the tans, tanks, the high-waisted shorts or the sun drunk feeling you get before 10:30 am. But I’d rather place blame on the after school shows that told passionate stories of supposedly “plain Jane” babes FINALLY getting with her crush and surfing off into the sunset with him. It’s true and forever and meant to be #lifeisperfectsummeroflove.


What if Johnny isn’t bringing that second Sno-cone to your fine self and instead to some basic bitch he’s been pawing lately? Even the first round summer rejection can leave you jaded. Summer doesn’t have to be about finding some perfect someone to fool around with. But how are you supposed to deal with all the mushy B.S. when love, much like a sunburn, is probably the last thing you want? Queue up your go-to summer breakup song, keeping these qualifiers in mind:

1. Equal parts sad and sassy: a little Shangri-Las meets Best Coast, Beach Day “Don’t Call Me on the Phone.” Anyway, we prefer if you text.

2. A remix of your favorite breakup song: Lana Del Rey. Summertime Sadness. The album version is reeeeeaaallly depressing. Thanks to technology and mixers and things that go bee-boop, we can get remixes! Dancing always helps, right?

3. An all out “fuck it” anthem: Preferably something that’s going to reiterate how much fun you’re going to have with your friends and not with some douchebag that didn’t work out on that one Tinder date. Wax Witches “Summer Suckers” has your song:

So what’s your go-to breakup song? We’re all about some #summertimesadness

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