This Week’s Video: Todd Terje “Inspector Norse”


It’s album time with Todd Terje and his new album called ‘It’s Album Time.’ Confused? Stoked? So are we.

Warning: if you have any aversion to dancing your ass off, looking so hyper cool that you’re almost acting a fool, and having fun in general, do not listen to Todd Terje. Better yet, save it for those of us who haven’t stopped listening to ‘It’s Album Time,’ Terje’s first full-length album release. It’s all about the disco, surf rock instrumentals and a little cocktail lounge influence. The video is a preview of what to expect when listening to ‘It’s Album Time.’ After you watch, take a listen to the first single “Delorean Dynamite” and start sketching the beginnings of your new 80’s superfuturistic racecar video game.

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