This Week’s Video: Tacocat “Bridge to Hawaii”


Seattle’s fizzy pop punk group ditches the rain for some sunshine and silly string.

Let’s review why Tacocat is awesome. One: they’re signed to Sub Pop’s boutique label Hardly Art. It’s like putting a pink squiggly straw in a classic beer. Two: their video for “Bridge to Hawaii” drives through the streets of Seattle, notable locales (Linda’s!) and past the old cool buildings that are going to be torn down for new apartment buildings that’ll be named “Goji,” or some crap like that. Screw the rain! Clouds, go f*ck yourself! Let’s drink daquiris in a kiwi-colored van and spray silly string everywhere.

Sidenote: if you haven’t picked up NVM, or simply want happiness in your life, get your doubloons out and go get it.


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