This Week’s Video: Sleigh Bells “Bitter Rivals”


Summer may be over (tears!), but Sleigh Bells will help us become weekend warriors with their self-directed video for “Bitter Rivals.”

Whether you’re excited for a new season of college football or about to sweat out a 3-day weekend at the gym, you may as well start it with a Dickens quote. Look to Sleigh Bells new self-directed video for “Bitter Rivals” off their forthcoming third album for a little literary references and a host of cutoffs and crop tops. Alexis Krauss wears the most bomb-ass silk hoodie while boxing a row of beverages and Derek Miller rules what looks like the Universal Studios globe giving mad props to LSU football. Am I crazy about it? No, but am I crazy about football? Also no. Maybe if I heard “Demons” during a football game and a pit could form during half-time, I’d be there more often.

Style. I need some Alexander Wang boxing gloves to go with my RT leopard print silk hoodie STAT. How else am I gonna fight Brisk with fists in the 7-11? Exactly. Get in the spirit with UNIF’s cheer top for the high school you always wanted to go to with a pair of high and waisted shorts. Crop tops? Duhs. We’re still not over Krauss’ bedazzled excellence and her backup dancers’ hair. Speaking of dancers, doesn’t this look like it’s been shot with your best friends in your backyard but in the most awesome way ever? I dig the simplicity.

Gone are the days when you have to rely on album sales for money. In the days when dinosaurs roamed the earth, you’d probably say “A few catchy singles does not a good album make! I shall not purchase-eth this album-eth!” But now from a casual listening perspective, who cares? If your workout mix is made better from one or two songs rather than the whole album, more sweat power jams to you. I still run my ass off to Treats. Scaling the summit of that assfaced hill at the very end of your running route is doable when you hear “A/B Machines.” It may be the worst of times for artists who don’t really throw down during their shows, but in the case of Sleigh Bells, it’s the best of times.




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