This Week’s Video: Dum Dum Girls “Lost Boys and Girls Club”



Two things. One: Happy Halloween a.k.a. the day to end an amazing month of cable TV horror movie excellence, thinking about your costume all month and scrambling a sexy Courtney Love ca. Hole with whatever torn, tattered and stained garments wrinkled and stuffed in the abyss of your closet drawers. One Point Five: sorry for the run-on sentence. Two: what better way to ring in the day than with the all-black clad rock noir Dum Dum Girls? They officially announced a forthcoming third LP Too True, which will be released January 2014.

¬† H&M Life teamed up with Dee Dee Penny and director Codie Critcheloe as a part of a funding project H&M has begun to revamp the classic music video. Their sweet schtick is that videos are too expensive to produce, so they’re going to help artists and directors make their creative fusions of sound and sight a reality. Dee Dee calls the video’s inspiration “a lazy call to arms,” essentially saying that if there are distractions and roadblocks on the road to your ultimate goal, it’s all good.

“Lost Boys and Girls Club” has inspired me to turn an old dishwasher into a sunglasses drawer and my toilet is a washing machine¬† that funnels my flannel into a dryer (take that, Pinterest). It’s a temporal, gloomy, churchlike scene with tragically hip dudes and bettys. Dee Dee wears her trademark black, this time in patent spandex. She wanders through a dark, murky forest, and encounters the lost boys and girls living there. The kitchen appliances appear to be a portal to a new seasonal dimension, and everything is chill, stoner wandering until BOOM lighting-chaos-Dee Dee-flips-her-hair-apocolyptic-destruction. Then, you know, she walks off stage.

Whether it’s Peter Pan or in my case, Louise from Bob’s Burgers that inspires your Halloween, maybe your getting ready will welcome Dum Dum Girls into the mix.

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