This Week’s Video: Arcade Fire “Reflektor”

image via Merge Records

If every getaway car had Arcade Fire in the back, it wouldn’t seem so scary. Throw in a little french from Regine Chassagne and a good beat and hey, it’s a party.

Arcade Fire have plenty to celebrate in the upcoming months. First of all, Reflektor, their follow-up to 2010’s Grammy Album of the Year, The Suburbs, is out October 29th. Until then, they’ll perform during the season premiere of Saturday Night Live (which, let’s be real, we’re all gonna watch on Hulu the next day). The band also announced a 30-minute concert special to air immediately following the episode. We can safely guess they’ll play the album single “Reflektor” on SNL, but maybe we’ll get a preview of a few other tracks?

“Reflektor” takes us on a quest to seek the unique. There’s a David Bowie influence in the spacey, uptempo beat and dark lyricism a la The Cure. Director Anton Corbijn is no stranger to working with independent artists, having worked with Nirvana for “Heart Shaped Box” and on Depeche Mode’s “Enjoy the Silence.” At its core, the video documents a constant search for originality and authenticity in a world full of imitation, but to no avail. There search is thwarted by a mirrored man who broadcasts himself into the airwaves and blocks any chance of finding what they’re looking for. It’s a less aggressive, more thoughtful approach to stickin’ it to the man, which is exactly Arcade Fire’s style. The weight is in the lyrics, but the video carries it well.


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