Weekly Roundup: #LOVETHEHILL Mix & MS MR


#LOVETHEHILL create the ultimate Capitol Hill mix (and not for the weekend crowds). MS MR debut their first single “Criminals” from their upcoming album How Does It Feel. 

Not sure how to jump into this week’s roundup. There’s always more than enough to go around, but sometimes I struggle with finding things that actually speak to me. We all go through the music lull – we’ve listened to the same four albums or the same two singles on repeat. But that’s like going to an art gallery every night and staring at the same canvas for four minutes. There’s more to be had, we just have to walk into the next room. So when I searched for this week’s roundup I tried going beyond my usual sources and approached it with a more open idea of what I wanted to hear.


#LOVETHEHILL made a mix of 30+ bands in Capitol Hill, and it rocks.

The first thing I found is the mix I’ve been looking for to properly define a micro-hood of the Seattle music scene. #LOVETHEHILL is “an interactive art project to be installed in a storefront on Broadway between the streets of Pike and Pine. The purpose of the installation is to examine the evolution of Capitol Hill over the last 30 years and to document the impact of increased development and gentrification on the quality of life in the neighborhood. The installation has extended into a short documentary film with various people discussing their experiences over the years amidst all the change.” What does that mean for music? They put together an absolutely killer roundup of Capitol Hill bands. Everyone from the cool sluts of Chastity Belt to punks Blood Drugs makes an appearance on this 30+ list that I’ll be listening to for the next forever.

MS MR release audio video for “Criminals” that also makes an excellent GIF

Don’t you love it when pop songs ask the simple questions? New York duo MS MR just wanna know if you wanna make out. Simplicity and a killer electro pop dance beat make “Criminals” a solid single for their upcoming album How Does It Feel. 

Bonus: RightTernes Summer 2015 Playlist 

You could say that the #LOVETHEHILL mix inspired me to create my own for summer. It’s usually incredibly difficult for me to make a mix – I spend an exorbitant amount of time overthinking each track it’s never enjoyable. But this time, it flowed. Yes, I realize I open the playlist with La Luz and Shana Cleveland which is in bad taste but I’m human and this is a gift to you, reader/listener, so enjoy it without your complaints!

If you’re in Seattle and not busy tonight, get tickets to the Trails and Ways show at The Sunset in Ballard. Ten bucks to hear some of the best music of the summer. Get at it.


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