Weekly Music Roundup: Upset, Tame Impala , & More


It’s the end of the week and you’re probably going to spend a lot of your weekend looking at all the internet things you couldn’t during the week because weeks are WEAK!

I’m done, you can fire me now.

The announcement of a new single from a band that has largely blown my mind for the past few years is always enough to get my juice pressed. Before I listened to Tame Impala’s new song, I stopped to evaluate my expectations. Sure, like you I thought a giant rock train barreling down the tracks with heavy rock n’ roll guitars evened out with spacey vocals. But of course, the down-tempo, more-weed-than-acid trip of “I’m a Man” had a more significant magic to it. It’s unclear what exactly happened that prompted such an intimate turn of subject matter, but it may indicate a new, refreshing color in the Tame Impala spectrum. For one more song, download “Let It Happen” now. The band will release a new album, Currents, later this year via Interscope.

On the subject of all things power-punk ca. late ’90s early 2000s, let’s look to Upset, an L.A. four-piece that could only rightfully be described as a supergroup. We’re talking members Ali Khoeler (Vivian Girls, Best Coast), Rachel Gagliardi (Slutever), Lauren Freeman (Benny the Jet Rodriguez), and Patty Schemel (Hole). Their EP ’76 brings you right back to the New Found Glory days of the band’s days of yore. ’76 exudes restless, cantankerous power-pop and a punk simplicity that doesn’t disappoint. You can catch the band on tour with Colleen Green and listen to their single “Glass Ceiling” now.

As some of you regular readers may know, I also write for Seattle’s go-to site for all things eventful and excellent, Do206. We just updated the Interviews section of the site (the nerdy hashtag #AwesomeArchives comes to mind) with exclusive features on basically everyone. Go forth and read.

While you’re there you can find my most recent interview with Kimbra, who’s performing in Seattle on April 13th. Even though I hadn’t listened to Kimbra’s music much before the assignment, I am a newfound fan and completely respect how loyal her fan base is. Her new album The Golden Echo is a must-listen for those of you who like any elements of Prince, Madonna and all things pop and funk. Read the interview here and make sure you grab tickets to her show if she’s coming to a city near you.


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