Weekly Music Roundup: Father John Misty, JMascis, and More


I believe it was the Mayans who established the ideology we have towards the Internet: if we give to It, It will surely give back to us. Think of all the hours we sacrifice making SuperBowl Shark GIFS or trying to come up with the cleverest response to #MakeAMovieRedneck? Like the rising and setting sun, the Internet gives back. Let’s see what bounty we’ve got this week.


Father John Misty – How to Make Love via. Pitchfork

Love is hard to find and even harder to fake. It’s something that Josh Tillman a.k.a. Father John Misty spent two painstaking years trying to actualize his love with his wife – without being funny. If you’ve watched any Youtube video of his stage banter or read any one of his numerous essays, the man likes to joke around, masking philosophical thoughts with the artistic, musical equivalent of sarcasm and fart jokes. But this essay by David Bevan follows Father John Misty road-testing material from his forthcoming LP, I Love You, Honeybear, an album that deals with love and “a longtime nemesis: sincerity.”  There’s no shortage of witticisms, though. “Bored in the USA” is a mournful, funny commentary on being an American, craftsman house, prescriptions, and even a laugh track.The album is out Feb. 10th via Sub Pop and you can stream the whole album here.

JMascis – “Fade Into You” (Mazzy Star Cover) Live on Late Night with Seth Meyers


The first time I heard Mazzy Star was in one of the most appropriate place to hear Mazzy Star: a coffee shop. It stopped me dead in my thoughts and solidified itself as one of my go-to songs to chill the heck out, get comfortable and let the 90’s wash over me. JMascis has covered “Fade Into You” before, released as a limited run single with a pair of Dinosaur Jr. shoes. In this performance, Fred Armisen plays bass while on of Kurt Vile’s Violators plays the drums. On Feb. 13th, Sub Pop will release his cover just in time for Valentine’s Day.


Read Excerpts from Kim Gordon’s Memoir “Girl in a Band”

Small anecdotes and bits and pieces of Kim Gordon’s memoir have been floating around lately. VOGUE even published a small segment in their February issue. Throughout their 27-year marriage, Gordon and Moore were making music, making a family, and doing what they could to be together in a crazy, rock n’ roll life. Her memoir touches on the inception of Sonic Youth, being a woman in music, and how she came into her own. Now you can read more about her relationship with Thurston Moore, touring with Nirvana before Nevermind, and what Sonic Youth could have been called. Check it out on The Guardian.


Jeff Bridges Sleeping Tapes 

Whether you watched the SuperBowl commercial or not, chances are you’ve heard about The Dude’s latest project to help you tie your Zz’s together. Working with composer Keefus Ciancia (“True Detective,” “Nashville”), Bridges created an album that is guaranteed to at least help you with meditation if not knock you back into dreamland. Dreaming With Jeftakes your mind into its REM cycle with Bridges’ soothing “ooms” and more mythical world instruments than you knew you liked. The album is available now and 100 percent of proceeds will go to No Kid Hungry. 


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