Weekly Mixtape: Protomartyr, Eli Pop & More


The theme of this week’s mixtape is Humpday Hibernation. For humans and animals alike, winter is the season when we retreat to our warm, cozy domiciles, queue up the Netflix and gorge ourselves on starchy carbs and a couple glasses of Cab (or was that the other night?). But perhaps you’re willing to stir the pot, plug in the nearest amp and start a little ruckus. This mixtape is anything but sleepy. Grinding guitars straight out of the screeching feedback of a well-worn amp and epic raspy vocals that make your latest Garageband project sound like Enya. Not to say this isn’t a listenable and even enjoyable compilation. See: every artist on this mixtape, from the mellow-stoned, pretty sounds of Chastity Belt to Seattle-based Blood Drugs “Lowest.” Below is a list of this 10-song burst of energy, a kick in your boots, the 5-hour energy drink of choice in music form. Enjoy the mix.


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