Weekend Music: Barboza, The Vera Project, & More


Are we all still holding onto our New Years Resolutions or do you plan on going out this weekend? Reward yourself with some excellent music from Barboza, Chop Suey, The Vera Project, & more.

Music is looking good in the month of January. Festival lineups from Coachella, Bonnaroo, Shakey Knees and other festivals are announced, the first round of 2015 albums are heading to a record store near you, and venues are lining up excellent shows for us to attend. But with the new year comes new changes, and sadly, Seattle will be saying goodbye to one of its own, Chop Suey. Insert not-so-passive-aggressive comment about the gentrification of Capitol Hill. Anywho, there’s plenty going on this weekend and we all better make the most of it. Here are a couple shows to check out:


Barboza: S + Erik Blood w/ Stres | 8pm

If mellow, groovy rock instrumentals with all the right hints of synth are your bag, Erik Blood is your guy. He’s had his hand in many a Seattle project, from THEESatisfaction to Shabazz Palaces, Moondoggies and The Lights. But his solo work on Canons, Vol. 1  and Touch Screens are the gold threads in his tapestry of work. With Blood is S (Jenn Ghetto’s heart-wrenching solo album is a must hear) and Stres’ mellowgaze electronic.

NeumosLesbian/Fungal Abyss Dual Set | 8pm

What do you do when you book a show and you’re a part of two bands? You play a double-header, obviously. Experimental, instrumental, psychedelic 70’s dark rock is what you can expect from Fungal Abyss. Lesbian is heavy-handed, balls to the wall sludgy metal. If you feel like having your very bones rattled in the most doomtastic way, go.


The Vera Project: Girls That Shred: A Benefit for Skate Like A Girl: Katie Kate, Tangerine, Thunderpussy, Peeping Tomboys | 7 pm

You know how we were talking about New Years Resolutions? Was one of them helping out an awesome cause? Then skate on over to The Vera Project for some ass-kicking music for an ass-kicking cause. Your ticket and contribution will help supply proper safety equipment for girls, fund lessons, and get snacks for kids. There isn’t a bad name in this lineup: Katie Kate’s dark hip-hop, Tangerine’s 60’s pop, and Thunderpussy is rock n’ roll sexiness.


Chop Suey: Tacocat, Pony Time, Wimps, Kithkin, Chastity Belt, Deep Creep, Universe People, Childbirth, Sashay, Blood Drugs, Dave Hernandez | 4pm

You have to have a 4pm start time with all the bands showing up for one of Chop Suey’s last shows. Go experience the venue while you still can with a host of Seattle’s finest.



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