Wearing Pink Even When You’re Not Five Years Old



This month’s issue of Bazaar UK featured day and evening coats in all shades of salmon, sorbet, and champagne pinks. Blame it on Valentino’s short-short yet sweet dresses or a need to counterbalance the downtown girl with uptown femininity. And in the spirit of trying new food (something I’m always up for), we’re not gonna knock it before we try it.

Dismissing pink has been a favorite defensive play in the shopping game. I don’t wear it often, so I figured when I did I should go all out and wear it in the form of a trench. We’re not going with the a breathless, whispering piink, we’re doing PINK! PINK ALL UP ON THIS! YOU CAN’T UNSEE THIS PINK.



 I’m more of a Sonic Youth “Pink Steam” rather than a fairytale princess Molly Ringwald pink. I’m a fan of injecting new colors into an otherwise subdued, neutral scheme that I’m accustomed to in the foggy, mountainous weather I’ve lived in for the past four years. Throwing in a few prints add textural and visual variety and if you’re still a little hue-conscious, makes wearing pink more bearable.

 DSC_0055 If you saw the preview on the RT Facebook page (go, you know you want to), I’ve got to break up the clean and classic silhouette of the coat with a little smash of print and accessories. The crack ring on my right hand is a sure fire way to scratch yourself every single time you wear it, but it’s a geode that looks good without being flashy and cocktail-ish. Stacks on stacks on the right hand thanks to Boris and Natasha.

  Betsey Johnson’s shades, when found at the right stores like TJMaxx and Marshalls, are very affordable, clocking in at around $15 for an alternative to the classic Ray Ban. This Anthropologie headband is a new thing for me (image 4), again, because I don’t wear headbands often and don’t want to look like Blair Waldorf or Rosie the Riveter.


But I don’t think that’s the case here. Mixing is an integral part of styling. If you’re not mixing prints, you are with textures, and if you’re wearing a full monochromatic silk Dior number, chances are you aren’t every day and a Chick-fil-A chicken sandwich is gonna stain that S.O.B. and you’ll be forced to wear multiple colors while it’s at the dry cleaners – HA!

  Pink is a tough call mostly because it’s not, well, tough. Or is it? How do you wear pink?

Coat: Monkee’s, Charlotte NC // Shirt: Anna Banana’s, Boone NC // Betsey Johnson shades (similar here) // Anthropologie headband // Seven for All Mankind pants // Topshop boots

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