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Remember when you thought Within and Without was one of Ernest Greene’s finest moments in dream-pop devotion to his wife and that dedication made it even more amazing? Course you do. And before we dive into my inspiration board for Paracosm, out August 13th, you should know this is how I determine my like or dislike of music: it’s entirely based on environmental, situational and objective selfishness. If you can deal, let’s begin.

Greene made it in the books with many a critic for Washed Out Within and Without. Paracosm takes a crash diet from synthesizers and computers for a purge on “real” instruments. The secret ingredient? Keyboards, including Mellotron, Chamberlin, Novatron and Optigan (see also: names for your tropical fish). “Great Escape” and “Weightless” are summary words and tracks for the album. Unlike the dramatic, sweeping symphonies from Within and Without, Greene takes an escapist, minimal approach.

Yes, it’s pretty. And obviously, it goes well with a passionate pad a deux with your S.O. or a stoned drive through the mountains or curving down an oceanside drive. But the seamless integration of orchestral builds and, for lack of a better term “nature-y” sounds make it a more cultivated, solid album. If Within and Without was  the fantasmagoric dream sequence where the surreal was at our audible fingertips, Paracosm is our mind and body waking up.

For the fashion: Proenza Schouler’s seaspirations. We’re talking the scuba and neoprene dream of  S/S 2010 with tie-dye tops and leafy skirts. Sea punk and soft all at once, it may be one of my favorite collections. It’s precursor in resort was inspired by a trip to Tahiti, evident in the lightweight linens and cottons thrown on like a lazy tourist who’s still way too cool for Mai Tais. Let’s also dive into S/S 2013, where exotic skins in neon green color-blocked with perforated leather and fine silks, a textural wonder that sets the duo even FUCKING HIGHER if you can imagine. Take into account some elements from Alexander Wang and some crisp tropical leaves from Givenchy and voila!

givenchy-men-spring-2012 copy  proenza-schouler-spring-2013-colorblock copy

proenza-schouler-white-dress-spring-2013 copy

Proenza-schouler-spring-2013 copy

proenza-schouler-resort-2010 copy

proenza-schouler-color-block-spring-2013 copy

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