Video Premiere: Royal Headache “Carolina” Deerhunter “Snakeskin”


Grab the guitars and the keys to the car: Royal Headache and Deerhunter have two more songs for your summer.

Certain things draw you to a song. Just this morning my best friend sent me a song on Soundcloud by  Leikeli47 called “My Ex is a Ho.” Who’s not gonna listen to that? And why wouldn’t I listen to a song called “Carolina,” being from there and feeling all nostalgic lately, as it’s been months since I’ve been back. Of course with Royal Headache, the song is about packing up and leaving town, getting away from everything. Frontman Shogun gets too enthusiastic for the cramped practice space and starts running around the streets of Sydney. The soul-laden rock n’ roll is reminiscent of early Gaslight Anthem, and though Shogun’s vocals are wailing and emote struggle, there’s an impressive amount of control. Check out the video and listen Royal Headache’s forthcoming album High over at NPR.

Staying in the southern theme of this post, Atlanta, GA band Deerhunter have also released a new video fro their song “Snakeskin.” The video features Bradford Cox, an enigmatic and loveable frontman who straight up started making fun of the crowd watching their set at Bumbershoot in 2013. He poked fun at the stoners, the kids who were there past their bedtime, the hipsters – no stone left unturned. It was hilarious, and made me love Deerhunter even more. This video speaks to the eccentric raccanterous nature of Deerhunter. Check it out and look for their new album Fading Frontier out October 15th on 4AD.

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