UNIF Skirt, Bronx Boots


Full disclosure: there was a crudely drawn chalk penis on the wall behind me. I know it upsets you deeply that I clone stamped the phallic phenom, but if the artist in question rendered an exceptional peen instead of a hasty tag, I would’ve kept it. Just tryin’ to keep the integrity of the junk here.


My twin said something sweet to me on our visit home for the holidays: “You look paler than me.” Far be it from me to disagree with her; living in the corner of the country where Canada is a two-hour ferry away doesn’t really do wonders for your vitamin D levels. But coming from the girl who lives in a place where 60 degrees is cold, I took it with a grain of salt. If anything, it’ll look more weird this summer when I actually get tan and you’ll thinkĀ  “who the hell was that albino girl in the winter posts?”

But moving on, I’m bare-legged! I’ve been working on making this UNIF skirt wearable during the day, and I think a knit on knit is the happy place whereupon daytime can transition to night. If you’ve perused UNIF’s site, it’s the kind of line that suggests your smile might be too wide and your humor is better expressed through clever shirts such as “Jesus Saves, I Spend” and their trademark Hellraiser loafers that any human or animal would be sorry to step on. This cropped Forever 21 sweater falls right at the waist so I’m not an amorphous blob of cotton and waist actually forms on my person.


This is the first slit skirt I’ve ever owned, and I’m digging the flexibility of a leg that isn’t confined. Not that I plan on leaping buildings in a single bound in this thing, but knowing I can climb a set of stairs and step into a bus without tripping is a relief. These Bronx boots are from Boris and Natasha in Charlotte, North Carolina. Imagine if Urban Outfitters was dressing you for prom and the after party: that’s B&N. The eccentric and way-cooler-than-you-could-possibly-imagine Hope Nicholls carries brands like French Connection, Wildfox, UNIF, and Double Zero, as well as independent artists from the area. I miss it, as it was my go-to for all special occasions, every day standout pieces, and bomb accessories.


BOOM. Boots. Have a good day, you crazy kids.

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