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Whenever you visit family, you go to your spot. Whether it’s the worn-in Lay-Z-Boy recliner residing in patriarchal grandeur over the entertainment system or the comfiest couch for you to take the post-travel nap, it’s the first place you think of walking into a relative’s home. For me, it’s always been my grandparents’ pool nestled behind a 70’s ranch home in Sacramento, California. The interior: walls adorned with photos of cousins, uncles, aunts and grandchildren. Graduation, weddings, family events – it puts your Facebook photos to shame.¬† The exterior: a lush lagoon of deep emerald pools, a camping chair overlooking a quiet, shady oasis from the heat. I pulled out a chair, read half a page of my book and passed out. Naps aside, California was a much need break after a crazy weekend in Chicago.

Post-nap, my family, boyfriend and I prepped for our annual camping trip in Yosemite. If you haven’t gone, go. While the beginning of May usually brings snowmelt temperatures, this year it was unseasonably warm, about 75 degrees for the whole weekend. No, I did not get eaten by a bear, but I was advised to lock up my magazines because of the perfume pages (bears want that Gucci stank). Anyway, the valley is absolutely stunning. Pictures don’t do it justice, but here are a few from my adventures. Enjoy!

vernal-falls-waterfall-yosemite-california-rightternes-travel Overlooking the top of Vernal Falls. Those are some slippery steps on the way to the top.

merced-river-yosemite-california-rightternes-travelsThe Merced River before our long-ass hike. Still just as beautiful before and after.



Gin cocktail from The Ahwhanee Hotel. Yeah, we got a little classy while camping.


Homemade jam courtesy of my great uncle.

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