Travels: San Francisco, Yosemite California


There’s too much to see in California, so bf and I went from the city to the valley in a 5-day stretch.


Once we got off the plane my mom and uncle took us to BART to go right into the city. We met up with a friend of BFs who acted as our tour guide. Most of my photos from San Francisco were quickly shot, as our guide kept moving so we could see all parts of the city in the limited amount of time he had before going to work on the pier. We wandered through SoMa and Chinatown, over to North Beach and down to the wharf.




City Lights Bookstore is cornered with the same alley that Jack Kerouac frequently passed out on when he was living in North Beach. This bookstore has hosted a legendary roster of writers, poets, thinkers and dreamers. City Lights isn’t super crowded with tourists and it’s easy to walk in and cool off once the sun actually comes out in the city.


Visuvio has the last gas burning chandelier in the city. It’s also one of my favorite spots in the city due to the second balcony where you can push your chair right up to the window and people watch.





Any time I stay in California I always stay at least one night at my aunt and uncle’s in Oakland. Their house on the hill is the perfect vantage point for pictures of the hills and the reservoir.

sacramento-california-rightternes-travels  My grandparent’s house in Sacramento is a postcard of my childhood summers. For as long as I can remember my family’s been flying out to Sacramento in the summer to stay here. The backyard is command central for all things swimming, barbecues, napping and relaxing. The jasmine and gardenia plants create the most intoxicating smell and it’ll always remind me of this place.


beer-wall-german-rightternes-travelsCoasters that my grandad has collected over years of travel.


Kel and I getting ready to go to Yosemite.







My brother and I and all the tourists at Yosemite Falls. Only a few selfie-sticks, thankfully.


Hammock time with Eno. If you haven’t done yourself a favor and bought an Eno hammock for camping, you’re going to suffer from a serious case of summer F.O.M.O. They’re portable, comfortable, and all the “ables” you could imagine. My sister and I hung ours up around the camp for an afternoon siesta.



Shadow of the BF during our hike to Glacier Point.




The top of Glacier Point offers some of the best views of the valley. It also has a road you can drive up to get to the top, but of course I hiked it with my sister and BF. Pictures don’t do it justice, but Half Dome is the poster child of Yosemite.


The Merced River.


The nicest shoes I wore all weekend, my Sam Edelman sandals at the Ahwahnee Lodge. My family has a happy hour tradition on the last day we’re in Yosemite, and it’s always at the Ahwahnee. It’s a little bougie, but the cocktail pours are substantial.


View from the camp. We got lucky with the weather this year, completely dry and warm. I got the first layer of a hopefully awesome tan for the summer.

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