Top 10 Instagram Posts of 2014


Hey, I can give myself some props when it comes to the good old point, shoot, and filter! Here are some of my favorite Instagram photos from 2014.


Made it back from work in time for a ride #sunset #Seattle

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Finally got one #Bianchi #bike #ride #brooks

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Running along my favorite path in Seattle, which happens to be conveniently located on the waterfront and about four blocks down from my domicile. Working out has taken on a whole new meaning for me in 2014, thanks to my newfound, sea-foam Italian Stallion and lack of gym membership. I brought my phone with me on this run to show my friends back in NC the beauteous beauty of the Puget Sound. Going 100 percent outdoors allows me to properly clear my head, listen to my music at a reasonable volume, and add an element of danger to my workout. High fives for not getting almost hit by a car/bus/Ride the Ducks tour group!

Stage set for @wearedumdumgirls at @neumos_

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Too simple, too good. Instagram shot of the stage set for Dum Dum Girls at Neumos.

Tacocat NVM @hardlyart #music #vinyl #LP #record

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GUMBALLZ!!! One of my favorite albums this year c/o Tacocat. They’re playing a DJ set at The Unicorn for NYE and I’m so excited I could cough up a furball.

It's snowing in Mississippi #mississippistudios #portland #music #records #vinyl

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Wasn’t it Snow White who said “just whistle while you work” to a cornucopia of adorable woodland creatures that suddenly had opposable thumbs that did a bang up job cleaning? Yep, and she was right. Moving into a new apartment is a necessary evil that’s made better with a good album to make the time go faster and the Ikea furniture built quicker. Arcade Fire’s The Suburbs was the perfect favorite to make that MALM go up in no time.

The long-awaited pilgrimage to Mississippi Records in Portland was nearly hijacked by the city’s fourth biggest snowstorm since dinosaurs roamed Pangea. Not knowing where the hell I was or how to find it, I relied on friends to drive skid across town to get me to this tiny library of worldly musical treasures that by all outsider accounts could be classified as hipster, obscure, and weird.

Sunshine, Space Needle, patio, Prada #sun #seattle #style

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Of all my Space Needle pictures on my Instagram, this one may be my favorite. We all know it’s an architectural marvel and that the Jetson’s probably rent it out as a timeshare, but there are plenty of better, high res images of this. Why not throw a Blortoise(blue tortoise)-printed pair of sunglasses in front of it?

Let me upgrade you #leather @madewell1937 #style

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In 2014 I put on my big girl pants, busted out my big girl credit card from my big girl wallet and bought a big girl leather jacket. If shopping is a highway, Madewell is the one-stop shop for all your essentials on your style journey. I searched for months for the perfect jacket at the perfect price and one day I saw this beauty in the window and BOOM. Fireworks. Hummingbird heartbeat, Party in the U.S.A. Beyonce. Unicorns. Beyonce riding a unicorn. ALL THE THINGS.

The Seattle collection, starting strong #records #vinyl #kurtvile @matadorrecords #lp

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Get out your pencils and loose leaf, it’s time for a quiz: do these photos look similar? If you said yes, gold star. The mural on Kurt Vile’s Wakin’ On A Pretty Daze was done by an artist by the name ESPO, and about two months ago he did a mural a couple of blocks from my apartment. I spent a couple of hours with a couple of beers and a couple of friends looking at this mural, and there’s a reference to Seattle in every image. Since Wakin’ was the first vinyl I actually bought when I knew I was going to stay in Seattle, this album means a lot to me. Now when I walk down 1st Ave, I get to see a unique version of something I already appreciate so much.

I hope you and your loved ones, friends, family, and Tindr matches have an excellent New Years Eve and 2015. Don’t forget that surge pricing is a thing, water is a thing, and you’re a thing of beauty.

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