This Week’s Video: Deep Sea Diver “NWO”


Deep Sea Diver delivers tightly wound progressions, Jessica Dobson’s vocals and percussion that will get you going for the week ahead.


Your week was a long one. Some of you started classes at University of F*ck That Textbook Line or toiled through yet another 40 hours of “it’s just temporary, it’s not like I’ll be here forever.” I feel ya, homeskillet. While my record label internship won’t begin for another week, I’m pounding the pavement looking for jobs, settling into a new apartment, and getting a feel for the city. Transitions are rough, but that’s what MUSIC is for! Hooray!

Occasionally the girl playing supplemental guitar for Beck, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and the Shins has some pipes. Such is the case with Jessica Dobson, who took on her own album with hubby Peter Mansen. They’re on tour for the remainder of the year to promote History Speaks all over the west coast with Wild Belle, and if you’re in the Portland area, they’ll play at MusicFestNW.

Everything in “NWO” is controlled. Mansen and John Raines lay the framework of angular rhythms to go with Dobson’s soaring, evocative voice. While some songs stick with the same 2 progressions and throw in a bridge, “NWO” is not stagnate. Manen’s drums are syncopated and driving, building and catching the airy guitar and bass riffs throughout. As for the video, a black and white display of Dobson singing amidst footage of Deep Sea Diver. Hit the 2:29 mark and Dobson throws on a low, moving interlude that carries a substantial weight to the song’s conclusion.

And in case you were wondering if this was a very cool one trick pony, you’re not going to get the same 8 songs in History Speaks, either. The album is rhythmically ADD in a great way. “You Go Running” is a spastic “hey! hey!” runner that slows to a steady jog with piano parlor chords in “Keep it Moving.” Go ahead and stream the album on Deep Sea Diver’s Bandcamp page, and if you’re in the area, jump at the chance to see them at MusicFestNW this September.

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