April Ghoul’s Mix: Bully, Ty Segall, The Shivas & More


If yesterday’s opening of the skies to thunder, lightning and HAIL didn’t hip you to the presence of April showers looming upon us, this mix will welcome a new month just as well, just not as scary. It’s halfway through… Continue Reading

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Show of the Day: Twin Peaks, MeatBodies, Criminal Hygiene


Its’ the middle of the week and you’ve put in some solid days at work. Why not reward yourself with a show? Twin Peaks, Meat Bodies, Criminal Hygiene – The Vera Project The problem with living in Seattle is every… Continue Reading

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Music Twofer: Flying Lotus and Ty Segall


It’s only Tuesday, I’m swigging the last 3 sips of my 4-shot Americano and already shit’s going down this week. I haven’t had a substantial amount of caffeine mgs for the afternoon let alone the WHOLE DAY of newsworthy tidbits.… Continue Reading

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This Week’s Video: Ty Segall “The Man Man”


Ty Segall is about as prolific as you can get in music. There’s no slowing down the projects, the multiple LPs, and tours. Now you can add a video for “The Man Man” from Segall’s LP Sleeper. The video features… Continue Reading

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