Alexander Wang x H&M: A Poem


Since everyone is counting down the New York debut of Alexander Wang x H&M, the athleisure community at large is sweating over this more than their water bottles in a hot gym. Here’s a poem to capture the anticipation.  … Continue Reading

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Pop Quiz: Barbie or Moschino 2015?


 Jeremy Scott’s collection for Moschino Spring 2015 just out street styled street style. Hiya Barbie! Pink Pink Pink everywhere. You’re Buzzfeed induced coma just awoken to another bout of nostalgia. These knee jerk thoughts I had while looking at Jeremy… Continue Reading

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Weekend Photos


Greetings from my weekend HQ, the studio apartment! What better thing to do on your days off than quarantine yourself to your internet, a new series, or whatever is in your fridge or an order away from Bitesquad? I’ll raise… Continue Reading

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If You’re Thinking About…June


So it’s technically pretty much summer-ish. Here’s your chance to get that tan, make a road trip mix, and turn it up. June is upon us. Another month, another reason to look at it from a nerdy, ancient POV to… Continue Reading

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Cycle Style: The Not So Glamorous Side of Bikes


I got a bike. Here’s a gallery of photos that I wish described my riding abilities. Since the warmer weather kicked in, my boyfriend has been bugging me about purchasing a bicycle. And while I nodded my head in mild… Continue Reading

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Brand to Watch: Whistles


  A U.K.-based brand that maintains a cleaned-up cool, Whistles is coming to America. Here’s what you need to know.   There’s something to be said about a well-structured print dress. what exactly are those words? Linear, high-end design with… Continue Reading

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An Ode to Bangs


Because sometimes we need to thank the fringe that has become our lifelong friend. Dear Bangs,     Ah, there you are. All of you, hanging out there. I raise my eyebrows so I may see your ends, criss-crossing like ice… Continue Reading

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Finding the Perfect Work Bag


One thing’s for sure, it’s gotta hold everything.    This past weekend I flew to Chicago to work with Ladykiller at C2E2 a.k.a. Chicago Comicon. After working my first Con with the biggest-but-still-too small bag in my closet, I figured… Continue Reading

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Style Inspiration: Wearing White


No longer for weddings and Wimbeldon, white has transcended the fashion veil to become the go-to minimalists’ dream and a staple of urban cool.    If you were like me in school, you had a short attention span and couldn’t… Continue Reading

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Style Inspiration: Patches


The patch on your back (or legs) is one heck of a statement. Or, it’s not at all. A few days ago I bought a new pair of jeans. This tidbit of information is in no way remarkable, exciting, or… Continue Reading

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