Songs of the Day: Jenny Hval and Laure Briard


Let’s wrap up this week in two distinctly different but beautiful songs, Jenny Hval “The Battle is Over” Jenny Hval’s troubled lyrics in “That Battle is Over” are about consumption, battling paradoxical information dealt at us on a daily basis,… Continue Reading

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Song of the Day: Chromatics “Yes (Love Theme)”


We think of love in measurements of roses, violets, reds and blues. But what if you only measured love by a song? Surely the market is saturated with all types of compositions dedicated to the L.OV.E., especially with Fifty Shades of… Continue Reading

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New Music: TV On the Radio, Aquadolls, Parkay Quarts


It’s Wednesday and the jokes on you, Kim Kardashian – my internet breaks all the time and not because of your behind! Today I’m shaking what my mama gave me to these tunes from TV on the Radio, Aquadolls, and… Continue Reading

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Music Twofer: Flying Lotus and Ty Segall


It’s only Tuesday, I’m swigging the last 3 sips of my 4-shot Americano and already shit’s going down this week. I haven’t had a substantial amount of caffeine mgs for the afternoon let alone the WHOLE DAY of newsworthy tidbits.… Continue Reading

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Music You Need This Week: Beck, Real Estate and HAIM


Last night during the Oscars, Matthew McConnaughey’s acceptance speech listed the things he needs every day: something to look up to, to look forward to, and to aspire to be. Now if your morning cup of coffee isn’t splashed with… Continue Reading

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This Week’s Video: Future Islands “Seasons (Waiting on You)”


Future Islands take a beautifully-filmed look at a simple way of life in their new video for “Season (Waiting for You).” I’ve seen Future Islands twice. Once at Cat’s Cradle in Carborro, North Carolina and then a second time at… Continue Reading

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This Week’s Video: Arcade Fire “Reflektor”

image via Merge Records

If every getaway car had Arcade Fire in the back, it wouldn’t seem so scary. Throw in a little french from Regine Chassagne and a good beat and hey, it’s a party. Arcade Fire have plenty to celebrate in the… Continue Reading

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Mixtape: The Wes Hotel


” width=”400″ height=”400″] Have you made a mixtape for a friend lately? For me, it’s way more difficult and time consuming. I’ve been to a few mix tape swaps where I draw a complete strangers name and I can easily… Continue Reading

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