Weekly Music Roundup: Father John Misty, JMascis, and More


I believe it was the Mayans who established the ideology we have towards the Internet: if we give to It, It will surely give back to us. Think of all the hours we sacrifice making SuperBowl Shark GIFS or trying… Continue Reading

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Music News: Coachella Lineup, Chastity Belt, & More


    1. The lords of music festivals lit the torch for festival seasons with Coachella’s full lineup.¬†Australian band that your uncle talks about all the time and beer commercial ¬†favorites AC/DC will hold down the classic arena rock on… Continue Reading

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Music Twofer: Flying Lotus and Ty Segall


It’s only Tuesday, I’m swigging the last 3 sips of my 4-shot Americano and already shit’s going down this week. I haven’t had a substantial amount of caffeine mgs for the afternoon let alone the WHOLE DAY of newsworthy tidbits.… Continue Reading

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Why Waiting for Jai Paul is a Good Thing


How does a guy who’s formally released two tracks keep the music world on its toes? Publicity comes in many forms. Traditional, controlled methods include a carefully crafted press kit, contacting the “right” people at the most reputable music sources,… Continue Reading

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