Song of the Day: DIIV “Dopamine”


Reason number 482 why I love Soundcloud. DIIV’s echoing guitar laden “Dopamine” is a sign of great things to come.

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New Music Premiere – Wet “Deadwater” & Bubonik Funk “Carolina Phase”


This week’s gonna be a short one content wise. I’ve got one of my best friends visiting me from North Carolina – he’s on a west coast friend tour that’s making its way to Seattle and it’ll require my full… Continue Reading

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Album of the Day: Lower Dens ‘Escape From Evil’


Lower Dens‘ neon-lit glamour makes for an excellent homage to the ’80s. Escape from Evil dances through pleasurable pop synthesizers that balance fragile emotions with a powerful sense of self. Lower Dens’ lead songwriter Jana Hunter marks each track with the… Continue Reading

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Song of the Day: Amen Dunes “Song to the Siren”


The formula to create Amen Dunes’ Love took a year and a half, 15 musicians, and 5 different studios. That’s a handful for one LP, but a listen to Love puts to rest the notion that you can cut corners and do things quickly… Continue Reading

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Show of the Day: Twin Peaks, MeatBodies, Criminal Hygiene


Its’ the middle of the week and you’ve put in some solid days at work. Why not reward yourself with a show? Twin Peaks, Meat Bodies, Criminal Hygiene – The Vera Project The problem with living in Seattle is every… Continue Reading

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This Week’s Video: Todd Terje “Inspector Norse”


It’s album time with Todd Terje and his new album called ‘It’s Album Time.’ Confused? Stoked? So are we. Warning: if you have any aversion to dancing your ass off, looking so hyper cool that you’re almost acting a fool,… Continue Reading

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For the Record: Starting a Second Collection


Now that I am “officially” moved across the country, it’s time to rebuild the record collection. But can the second round compare to the first? Like many newbies into the Loser Edition, first-pressing, Record Store Day-Release world of vinyl purchasing,… Continue Reading

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This Week’s Video: Ty Segall “The Man Man”


Ty Segall is about as prolific as you can get in music. There’s no slowing down the projects, the multiple LPs, and tours. Now you can add a video for “The Man Man” from Segall’s LP Sleeper. The video features… Continue Reading

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This Week’s Video: Dum Dum Girls “Lost Boys and Girls Club”


  Two things. One: Happy Halloween a.k.a. the day to end an amazing month of cable TV horror movie excellence, thinking about your costume all month and scrambling a sexy Courtney Love ca. Hole with whatever torn, tattered and stained… Continue Reading

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Washed Out: Paracosm


Remember when you thought Within and Without was one of Ernest Greene’s finest moments in dream-pop devotion to his wife and that dedication made it even more amazing? Course you do. And before we dive into my inspiration board for… Continue Reading

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