Stella McCartney, Burberry, and More Highlights from Fashion Month


It’s the end of the week, but we’re already thinking about new beginnings. Maybe it’s because The Artist Formerly Known as Ke$ha did something actually crazy and dropped the “$” from her name after rehab. Perhaps Nicholas Geshquiere’s debut at… Continue Reading

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Fall Style: Stripes and Layers


  Is it time for new jacket? I think so, considering my zippers look like frequencies on an FM radio or a really slow-ass microwave. Since I bought the thing 5 years ago for $30 at a Marshall’s in Charlotte,… Continue Reading

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Julianna Barwick “Nepenthe” Fashion Inspiration


Cathedral chorus’ and a transient, dreamlike state of mind are all you need for Nepenthe. But let’s get some fashion inspiration to go with it. I’m trying really, really hard to get back into yoga and meditation. Mainly because I’m… Continue Reading

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