2 Years


Walk away, haters, it’s a retrospective post up in this mother fucka.

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Video: Gardens & Villa Premiere “Fixations”


Gardens & Villa released their party trip video for “Fixations” from their upcoming album Music For Dogs. 

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Weekend Photos


Greetings from my weekend HQ, the studio apartment! What better thing to do on your days off than quarantine yourself to your internet, a new series, or whatever is in your fridge or an order away from Bitesquad? I’ll raise… Continue Reading

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What Sparks Your Style Inspiration?

NYFW day 3 walking

I don’t think I’ve read more on the internet this month than I have in the past six. Blame it on the endless reviews pouring in from Tim Blanks, Nichole Phelps & Co. from Style.com covering Fashion Month, my indifference… Continue Reading

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The First Ternes


If your house/apartment/storage unit looks anything like mine, it’s full of boxes, a lot of trash, and some donation piles. Why? It’s moving time, and therefore the perfect time to start anew in all aspects of life, especially the creative… Continue Reading

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