Friday Five: Beyonce, Forever 21, Barbie & More


Hold onto your snow boots, Buffalo, it’s Friday! Yes, you still have to go to work today (womp), but at least you have some interesting nuggets of knowledge to pass around the water cooler. Immigration reform? Sure, but we’re thinking… Continue Reading

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This Week’s Video: Beyonce “Drunk in Love”


Remember that time you tried to dance all cute when you were a little schwasty face? Yep, Beyonce just did that better.   Beyonce will never not be on my radar, as I am a. a human being with internet… Continue Reading

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This Week’s Video: Solange – Losing You


  The bros, the fros, and the clothes Solange Knowles is a block party. Eccentric, inviting, fun, and still way laid-back. ‘Losing You’ comes to us in a colorful punch of flat-roofed housing with a knack for bespoke tailoring and… Continue Reading

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