Summer Cannibals + A Guide to Guides for Capitol Hill Block Party


Summer Cannibals debut a Twilight-Zone inspired video for “Show Us Your Mind” and a roundup of literature for Capitol Hill Block Party

I’ve been fighting off this massive bout of strep throat for the past few days, and I’m still trying to get my feet back on the ground after being bedridden. The timing could have been worse – at least it didn’t hit where it could put me out of Block Party fun this weekend. I’m going to try to catch as much of it as possible but it all depends on if my body lets me get up and do the shit I have to do. Root for me, people!

Summer Cannibals premiere “Show Us Your Mind” on Nerdist.

I’ve talked about Summer Cannibals before, and by before I mean they’ve graced my summer mixtape, played a couple of shows in Seattle the past few months and will play July 26th at Capitol Hill Block Party. The Portland band is gaining momentum, and just released a Twilight-Zoned out video for their song “Show Us Your Mind” Bass drums and scientific equations hypnotize you into an alternate universe where there’s a plane crash, an alien abduction, and a case of double-dipping that goes very well punished. Sidenote: when is the last time you watched something in black and white that wasn’t filtered through Instagram? Props to director Brett Roberts. You can get Summer Cannibals’ record Show Us Your Mind now on New Moss Records.



Capitol Hill Block Party. Here are Some Links to Get You Going

All around Seattle in the halls (some figurative and some literal) of music writing, there are those who want you to have the best resources on hand for events like Capitol Hill Block Party. You know how to do festivals – just show up, right?! See the same bands you’ve seen every year – main stage or bust, right?

Wrong. I mean, not wrong, but only seeing one golden thread in the rich tapestry of music and art that is Block Party is a crying shame. The pros over at Nada Mucho, The Stranger, and (shameless plug) Do206 have a vested interest in your CHBP experience (and that vest is bedazzled, oh yeah).

Single Day Passes are still available

From Do206: Don’t Miss These 10 Bands at Block Party. Includes Protomartyr, Strange Wilds, GirlPool, SSDD, Lower Dens Yumi Zouma and more.

From Nada Mucho: How not to mess up Capitol Hill Block Party Day 1, Day 2, Day 3. The guys over there will make sure you aren’t “bedridden from FOMO.”

From The Strangertheir comprehensive schedule listings include music series, readings and talks going on in and around the weekend. For us nerdy music types, this is where we’re gonna be. They too have a list of the Top 10 Bands to See at CHBP.

From The Seattle Times: 10 is the number this year – more bands not to miss at Block Party.



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