On the Street: White After Labor Day



When it’s 90 degrees and sunny, white only makes sense. On a nerdy scientific fun fact standpoint, it reflects the sun’s death rays so you don’t sweat in a pool of black clothes. On a style standpoint, its an optimistic, minimal and joyful color compared to black. If you’re having flashbacks of that one time you had to watch “Say Yes to the Dress,” expel that horrific visual demon from your memory NOW or else you’ll NEVER be able to enjoy white without thinking of sassy sales associates insisting that a mermaid gown with beaded cutout bodices look so good on you. White is not for weddings, sexy nurse uniforms or reconciliation. Although listing those in reverse order, that’s pretty much how you lead to a wedding…

I digress! I saw this girl walking around Pike Place Market this afternoon. The top half of the dress says to me “I am linen, I am hopelessly comfortable and hopeless to iron” and the bottom says “day on the beach traipsing about the market, feeling a little bohemian.” The Ray Bans and Marc by Marc Jacobs bag relocates the look back into the city. Since the market is the epicenter of all things food, trinkets, and yes, Starbucks, her look can be dubbed Metropolitan meets Marrakesh.

Living in downtown Seattle has the benefits of the market, a waterfront view within a couple of blocks, and quick access to all public transportation. Being able to hit Macrina and buy a bouquet of flowers for $5 is something carb lovers and flower power girls can all relate to. But since I don’t have my ORCA card yet, I’ve gone outside of city center only a couple of times, including this weekend. Once I am equipped with card swiping magic powers,  it’ll happen more often.

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  1. If you go to any of the lightrail stations around town, they have kiosks that sell temp ORCA cards for visitors! Have fun. 🙂

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