Spring Look: H&M // Jeffrey Campbell


  It’s breezy and brunch-y. Let’s wear pastels and shit!

  More often than not when I go out to “shop,” I take in the vast, stylish landscape of new arrivals, staple items, and sales racks and end up leaving with nothing. If you’re like me, you need to go with a friend to push you into purchases. It’s not as though they’ve grabbed the nearest hanger and held you hostage at its hook while your shaking hand passes your Visa across the counter. They just encourage you to take the plunge. I have such a friend, Natalia, who has been a positive influence in my buying ways, and here I’m wearing the results of various trips with her.

Sometimes your friend can finalize your purchase reasoning with a simple, obvious fact. When debating whether or not to go for these Jeffrey Campbell sandals, Natalia said “well the shoes match your pedicure, so you have to.” Sound reasoning in my book! (cue cash register ka-chiinng). Complementary hues aside, they have proven to be quite comfortable and versatile, pairing well with blue denim, black leggings, and floaty skirts like this H&M Conscious Collection number.

There’s been buzz about the internets regarding the high-low trend. Some are all for it, appreciative of the leg-lengthening illusion of the silhouette. Others equate it to giant black and white chevron stripes (see also: over it and overused). But the high-slit, paneled skirts coming out this season are just a new take on the idea of peeking your gams out of a maxi skirt. Ask yourself the tough question: do you want a little more side-thigh or front thigh? I feel as though you can wear this skirt in either style.

Did I really think it was cold enough to wear a sweater with this? Nope, but somehow I felt like channeling a spring, Sunday brunch vibe, and you all know I’m a big fan of brunch. If a sweater is too covered for the temperature or the vibe, go for a fitted crop top or a tank that let’s your bear shoulders tan a bit.



Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell: similar here // Skirt: H&M Conscious Collection // Bag: Stella McCartney // Shades: Prada

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