Song of the Day: Lady Lamb “Billions of Eyes”


Lady Lamb’s lyric video for “Billions of Eyes” is like your National Geographic school project that got crossed with family photos.

Aly Spaltro’s voice doesn’t need music. She’s got that kind of control and command of her pipes that would light up the stage without any, well, lights. But when the drums kick in and the lights go up, Lady Lamb makes the show even more enigmatic and entertaining. “Billions of Eyes” explores the anxieties of being constantly connected and feeling incredibly lonely at the same time. It’s a paradoxical problem most of us face, but Lady Lamb sings it in a melodic and uplifting way that makes the subject matter a lot more comfortable to feel.

Lady Lamb’s After is available for your purchasing and listening enjoyment via Mom + Pop. She’s on a nationwide tour and will make a stop at Seattle’s Barboza on April 29th. Bonus: listen to her song “Spat Out Spit.”


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