Song of the Day: EKKAH “Last Chance to Dance”


For future reference, here’s how your music is going to get in my good books. All it takes is a simple yes/no Q&A for you to find out:

1. Do you sort of sound like Solange?

2. Does your beat complete one or all of the following criterion: sick, dope, danceable, on fleek, or     ripping?

3. Is the beat inherently disco-esque?

4. Do you spell your name in balloons?

5. Are you EKKAH?

If you’ve answered yes to one or more of these questions, than congratulations! You’ve been liked, shared, loved, tweeted, snapped, and forever adored. U.K. duo Rebecca and Rebekah (EKKAH) bring the party of two to you and I in their music video for “Last Chance to Dance” with all of the things you want in a dance party: glitter, bubbles, balloons, and your best friend (actually, that’s all they have in it, and it’s amazing). Over a bouncing pop beat, “Last Chance to Dance” has shimmering¬†70’s guitar strums, and a bass line drenched in funk. EKKAH’s EP is filled with the same sort of cool disco line dance snap/clap rhythms, which you can order now on iTunes.

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