Song of the Day: DIIV “Dopamine”


Reason number 482 why I love Soundcloud. DIIV’s echoing guitar laden “Dopamine” is a sign of great things to come.

DIIV isn’t categorically a summertime group. The nom-de-plume of Z. Cole Smith and his four-piece are atmospheric and warm, yet there’s a fall bite to his sound. Smith completed a tour with Beach Fossils, he embarked on the East Coast vision quest: holing himself up in a painter’s studio in Bushwick without running water to write some music. The result was the symphonic and haunting OhsinIn DIIV’s new single “Dopamine,” vocals quietly lay the foundation of layers and layers of sonic guitars and cathedral-high melodies that reverberate beautifully throughout. On “Dopamine,” DIIV dials up the energy without clattering around in a frantic, first-single fashion. DIIV’s forthcoming album Is the Is Are is out this fall via Captured Tracks.

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