Song of the Day: Amen Dunes “Song to the Siren”


The formula to create Amen Dunes’ Love took a year and a half, 15 musicians, and 5 different studios. That’s a handful for one LP, but a listen to Love puts to rest the notion that you can cut corners and do things quickly to make a great album. But what of the leftovers that so often disappear in the final stages of editing and pre-production? Thus the birth of “Cowboy Worship,” a 6-song EP that is “an attempt to give life to some of the music that didn’t make it past the scalpel.” Damon McMahon delivers a short but sensational performance, from a blown-out version of “Green Eyes” featuring Harvey Milk’s Stephen Tanner, to a darker and mellower “I Can’t Dig It” as Damon McMahon originally arranged it upon writing the song in China, many of the original intentions for the music that were lost in the Love sessions are revived.”

One listen to Amen Dunes’ cover of a Tim Buckley classic “Song of the Siren” and you’ll realize you’ve been missing haunting, soaring vocals and the simplicity of a quietly rambling guitar. And lucky you, “Cowboy Worship” is available now on iTunes and on Sacred Bones.

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