Show of the Day: Twin Peaks, MeatBodies, Criminal Hygiene


Its’ the middle of the week and you’ve put in some solid days at work. Why not reward yourself with a show?

Twin Peaks, Meat Bodies, Criminal Hygiene – The Vera Project

The problem with living in Seattle is every night you want to be in five places at once. It’s a first world hipster problem the likes of which only few can understand – there are too many good shows to see and not enough time to see them all. But if we could splice ourselves into fragments and get our half-asses to each show, we would. Tonight my top pick is Twin Peaks, Meatbodies and Criminal Hygiene. It’s at The Vera Project (all ages!), it’s $12 (I’m not THAT broke!) and it features bands borne of the influence of glam garage rock (it’s what butters my biscuit!). Here’s a breakdown of what YOU can expect should you drag your tuckus out of bed for this show:

No, not a live showing of David Lynch’s TV opus. Twin Peaks are a band that embodies all of your psychedelic rock needs. You’re getting the best of garage rock with Twin Peaks – tambourines, killer drum fills, and raucous, howling vocals. Check out their full performance on KEXP:

Performing with Twin Peaks are Meatbodies, fronted by Chad Ubovich crooning and ripping his way through fuzzy guitar laden rock. The band released a small batch, self-titled cassette that quickly sold out, which for people who collect cassettes, that’s cool – to the rest of us, it means this is a band to pay attention to. I fell for Meatbodies when I heard “Wahoo,” probably because it sounds like something Thee Oh Sees would produce. Be my best friend and check it out:

To describe the opener of this show, I’m going to copy and paste Criminal Hygiene’s tags from their Bandcamp page right here: ” los angeles punk beer garage rock Los Angeles.” Easy enough? Kind of – Criminal Hygiene has a sort of blues rock tinge to their punk sounds. It’s harmonious, it’s got bluesy guitar riffs and listenability. Listen to their full LP via Soundcloud



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