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prada spring 2012

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I’ve found that looking through the majority of runway shows doesn’t make me smile that much. It’s a serious affair, fashion, made so by the sexy scowls of models, the air of importance permeating every front row, and the constant need to be dramatic and show-stopping in order to garner a good review. This all changed with Miuccia Prada’s Spring/Summer 2012 collection, an homage to the automotive romance and pinup fantasies of the 1950s. Since scandal is a good bite for a collection’s story, let’s just say here that the Golightly housewife left her husband for her auto-mechanic paramour out west. Set the scene? Let’s take a look:

My love for this collection stems from early childhood memories of camping in Yosemite. The 1950s and 1960s models driving top down for a scenic drive through the valley was an exciting punctuation breaking up the SUVs and sedans of today. In a way, it wasn’t a trip to Yosemite if you didn’t see a beautiful Camaro or one of the first Mustang GTs. Prada’s road show causes traffic, and if I could be stuck in it forever, that’d be swell.

Prada’s woman was opulent as can be with a candy store’s worth of sky-blue jewels decorate bodysuits. With costume jewelry being so available everywhere to everyone today, it’s hard to imagine a time when a giant statement necklace worn with the simplest of dresses was a dead giveaway to your social status. Maybe a Mad Man is behind them.

In 2013, fashion traded in the sleek, glamorous comfort of a 1950’s convertible for a motorcycle. No question that leather boots, babydoll lace dresses with torn tights are dominating trends this season. But looking back on the attitude and effortless cool of a bejeweled cape and short dress, it’s the precursor to what we’re seeing now. It’s the first checkpoint in the road on fashion’s cross country journey.

The most compelling and exciting element? Details. Thunderbird stripes on sun-ray pleated dresses, leather skirts fresh from a flame paint job, and THE SHOES. I’ve scoured listings on eBay for the suckers on a weekly basis. Roadhouse girls in bandeau tops look like Greaser girls cleaned up and bodywork on the clutches and handbags get the motif, shall we say, revved up even more? Sandy would approve.

Here are some more images from the campaign:

prada spring 2012


What are your thoughts? Is the motor in your style V12 running? Share!

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