ReTerning to: Instagram Diaries Edition!


Because I don’t always have my Nikon on hand (that mother is bulky!), I, like everyone else in the world, captures things and moments with my phone. For today’s throwback, we’re looking at some Instagram photos and deciphering their presence on my feed.

Blushing #bags #sunnies #earrings #rings @borisnnatasha @luckypennyboone

I wear black all the time, but I really enjoy looking at color palettes that I wouldn’t necessarily don on my person. Unless of course, it’s accessories. Pictured here is a blushed Stella McCartney Falabella bag that I found at Buffalo Exchange in Charlotte, NC. Given the fact that I am broke as a joke, I had a lady fashion-boner when I found this bag for the meager price of $33. If it’s not real it looks damn close to it and I like carrying it around anyways. With it are some earrings from the immensely talented Laura Guidry of Elgie Designs that she sent me as a thank you for helping with photos for her site. The stackable rings are from Boris and Natasha in Charlotte, NC and the triangle ring is from Lucky Penny in Boone, NC. Sunglasses? A cool $10 at Nordstrom.

Finally here! #marcjacobs #beauty @marcjacobsintl  #makeup #eyes #shadow @sephora

Second, we have the Marc Jacobs beauty Style Eye-Con No. 3 in Shoe Gazer 110 with free eye-liner because WHO DOESN’T LOVE FREE SHIT AMIRITE? When I went to the Sephora in Charlotte a girl working there said I was probably the first person who was genuinely excited about seeing the beauty collection IRL. I’ll take that as an excellent testament to my dorkdom. I’ve had it for about a month now and I love it, especially when used with Urban Decay’s Eyeshadow Primer Potion.

Bloody Marys with mom #weekend #drinks

Who doesn’t love a good Bloody Mary?

La Luz #concert #show #Seattle #BurgerRecords #EP #vinyl

One of the last shows I saw in Boone, NC was La Luz, a band that happens to be from Seattle and happened to manifest everything I would ever want to be in a band in one, cool set. I saw Luzer shirts everywhere at Bumbershoot and I need to get my hands on one to go with this EP. The lipstick is my friend who needed a tissue and instead decided to use the plastic cover. It’s placed so well, I ain’t even mad.

This weekend I’m going to a wooden boat festival(!?) which will undoubtedly take me to a nautical space for style inspiration. I haven’t done street shots in a while and I owe you guys that. Job hunting has been at the top of the priority list lately because, you know, mama’s gotta pay them bills. That doesn’t mean I don’t love you all! In the meantime, listen to some Sleigh Bells and have a great Thursday.


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