Record Store Day + Shana Cleveland & the Sandcastles


Essentially that’s what’s happening here, today, in this post.

I imagine some of you are preparing your wallets and your minds for Record Store Day this Saturday. There are plenty of excellent offerings available for your vinyl buying pleasure, and I hope you’ll participate. We can run around and around the argument that RSD has become corporate and major labels have backed up production lines with fancy reissues of colored vinyl of top sellers, but that’s all industry jabber and this is now officially a run on sentence.

The point is maybe while you’re out searching for your Father John Misty heart-shaped vinyl, you may actually form a weird bond with the shop you’re perusing and *gasp* visit it again in the next week or two! You may be like “hey I’m kinda broke, but mental note to self to come back here for _ and _and hey that store clerk doesn’t seem so snobby.” See if it happens, and while you’re at it pick me up a copy of Doc and Merle Watson Ballads From the Gap or Otis Redding Sings Soul.

By this point you’ve heard of Shana Cleveland and La Luz. I feel like if I talk about this band one more time I’m going to lose about five gazillion more readers. But today it’s not about the It’s Alive foursome, it’s about Shana Cleveland & the Sandcastles, a folk project that will release their full length LP on May 26th via Suicide Squeeze Records. Their song “Itching Around” shimmers darkly like the moon on a bayou lake, something that’s paradoxically beautiful and ominous. It’s a solid preview for the album Oh Man Cover The Ground out May 26th.



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