Outfit of the Day: Sam Edelman Boots, Urban Outfitters Cardigan


Wearing up some layers with Urban Outfitters and Sam Edelman to create a versatile spring look.


  Hey happy people! You lucky suckers who got pulled into this brightly-colored room get to see my apartment fully updated, including a rug I have neglected sweeping for, well, as long as I’ve had it. Scroll down past this block of text and you’ll be able to see a couple more up-close shots of the tchotchkes and decorative elements of my wall space.

  In today’s look, you can see there’s a host of non-black, contrary to the color palette of 101% of my outfits. I donned my go-to spring boot from Sam Edelman, the “Petty” bootie that is everything comfortable, versatile, and durable through April showers, May flowers, and maybe even a show or two. You can buy them now on sale at Nordstrom or venture to your favorite boot-buying site. The cardigan is from Urban Outfitters, and compared to the structured leather jackets that I tend to wear, this is a floaty black, a pretty black. I could get away with wearing this to Insert Music Festival with a macrame micro skort (or something…there’s some weird festival looks out there). Maybe I want to look easy breezy in my languid cardigan when I shamelessly partake in brunch on Saturday AND Sunday.

   I’m wearing a floppy hat because I’m tired of beanies and I feel like channeling Stevie Nicks this week. Let’s clear the air on this: floppy hats are not under sole propriety of sorority functions and Sunday churchgoers. They are reminiscent of 60’s California cool that balanced the sharp, angular presence of mini dresses and mod. Gucci did a full line of felt toppers in their A/W ’12 collection and no I’m not ready to move on from it. Even though they fly away in the slightest breeze, they’re amazingly comfortable, waterproof, and backs you up on a bad hair day.

  Enjoy the elements of my new abode. As with any home project, it is ongoing and subject to change. There are remnants of my time at Sub Pop, an Instagram of my record player, and my cardboard deer that I have yet to name. Suggestions welcome.





Boots: Sam Edelman // Cardigan: Urban Outfitters // Shirt: Madewell // Pants: Zara // Hat: Lucky Penny

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