Our BumberPicks for Bumbershoot 2013


Bumberpicks 2013

We’re quaking with excitement in our Palladium booties for this weekend and behold! The band we missed, the music we love and the performances we have to catch at Bumbershoot 2013.

Check it out here!

  When The Postal Service embarked on their 10th anniversary tour for 2003’s Give Up (see that math I just did there? Genius!), I thought “OK, cool, go ahead Ben Gibbard. Taunt us with nostalgia. Just rub it in, why don’t ya? It brought me back to the era of Transatlanticism and when my 13 year-old self was just getting out of her classic rock phase in favor of some more, well, generational music. Which is why I am SO EXCITED that they’re billed as “Death Cab for Cutie play Transatlanticism.” leaving no stretch to the imagination that yes, songs from the album will most definitely be played and indeed, I will be swaying so hard in a guitar-riddled daze listening to Gibbard say “I need you so much closer” over and over. Yep, we’re gonna fangirl at this one.

  But enough! There’s a smorgasbord of great music, comedy, words and ideas to make this weekend great. I’m looking forward to seeing Merge Records represented by Superchunk and Redd Kross, as I did an internship with the label last summer. Sidenote: my intern photo is me imitating Eleanor Friedberger gazing into the distance a la Last Summer.  It’s hanging out in a pile of  “Past Intern Photos somewhere and darn it to heck I want that shit back!

  Of course, we’re gonna see some bands that will keep us dancing, none of this serious standing around bathing in an existential pond of pretentiousness and music elitism. Gross. Ra Ra Riot, Tamaryn, and Diamond Rings will take care of that. Diamond Rings is a new favorite of mine. It sounds like what would happen if Sam Herring actually did get together with New Order and found a bitchin’ synth to carry us on a star-ship of intergalactic dance explorations. Taking us through that same journey is Tegan and Sara’s “Closer” and Crystal Castles, who will be closing the first night.

  Going to a festival is a great way to scribble your way through your bucket list of bands and artists that you’ve been meaning to see but have been too lazy to do so. See also: Washed Out, who has been in Asheville a number of times and I make the bullshit School Night excuse to not go. NOT this time. Also on our bucket list: Kendrick Lamar, The Joy Formidable, and we can’t forget comedians. Reggie Watts, Doug Benson, Patton Oswalt, Judah Friedlander and my funny H.B.I.C. Natasha Leggero.

  I will not inundate you with hundreds of Jumbotron blurry iPhone photos of musicians this weekend. I hate that as much as you do. I’m not on assignment for this sucker and gee-golly gosh darn I’m going to enjoy myself! If you can’t be there with me, take a listen to my Bumberpicks on Spotify.

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