OOTD: Marc by Marc Jacobs, Daytime Look


If it’s summertime and the living is easy, and you live in a city, it’s time to hit the rooftop.


One of my dearest shopping soul mates and first call for cocktails Natalia just moved to a new development in the heart of Capitol Hill. The bonus of any great apartment is a great rooftop, whether it’s a seating area, community garden or full on grill space. It’s also the perfect spot for photos that may or may not include a sweet new blouse from Marc by Marc Jacobs. We’re all diving into the proverbial¬† seasonal sales bins, and a quick trip to Nordstrom Rack brought me and this silk blouse together.

The blouse has eyes! Right? It’s a weird print but I shall embrace the weird half stares going on every now and then. Usually when a print lays sort of weird on the body I avoid it. But why not have something a little off? The gathering in the back gets it out of the le-sac look and kind of extends the surface area of my butt.


And then of course there’s that water tower in the background. It’s getting warmer and warmer out here and I’m happy to spend this summer on the west coast.

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