Obligatory 2013 Retrospective



Hoo lawdy, another year has come and gone! Let us embark on a voyage on the R.M.S. Memory to reflect on 2013 and what the hell we’re gonna pull out of our rear ends for 2014.

I’ve been trying to get over my fear of flying. One particularly turbulent jaunt over Salt Lake City last September left me dreading the thought of getting in a plane again, even though I’ve flown a thousand-google times. Despite additional assistance from substances, I find the takeoff horrific and the bobbing around like a cork in the ocean at 30,000 feet unbearable. But once the captain announces that we’re about to land I’m relieved, even though that’s one of the roughest parts of the flight. Once we dip below the clouds, the landing, and solid ground is only a few moments away.

Really Meg? Are you gonna use an extended metaphor to describe your personal journey through 2013? Yes. I used boats AND planes. Gotcha. But going through the events of the year, it’s been a series of takeoffs and landings, ones that motivated my mind and body to leave the comfort and security of college to go into the great vortex of life.

Takeoffs: a million resumes sent to auto-reply internships and jobs. Switching my entire minor the last semester of college to graduate on time. Interview after interview, on to the next one. Moving in with mom and dad is starting to seem like a reality (love you guys, but you know). Moving to a new city across the mother-effing country.

Landings: Moving to a new city across the mother-effing country. Sub Pop, which was without question one of the most epic experiences ever. Support from my family for doing the whole thing live. New friends. Working at a music venue.

Coming back to Seattle after a week in North Carolina, I feel completely recharged, as visiting friends and close family tends to do for your internal batteries. I’ll be staying in Seattle for an indefinite period, and I couldn’t be happier with my new family here in the Emerald City.

Cheers to all you kids in 2014, it’s gonna be a good one.

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