New Song Premiere “Say You Will” by Trails and Ways


Dancing my way to vacation.

The end of April has historically been a travel week for me. It leads up to the first weekend in May where my family has always scheduled a camping trip in Yosemite for as long as I can remember. So off we go to lock our food in bear traps, get some sexy Instagram filters over Half Dome, and of course, eat and drink our way through some killer homemade meals.

This means I’ll be posting even MORE irregularly than usual, but you’ll survive with some new music. And since I’m heading to California, why not listen to Oakland’s Trails and Ways? The groovy slow-motion disco beats of Trails and Ways “Say You Will” begs the question, but it’s not entirely clear what exactly that question is. Leave it to interpretation, right? This is the second single off Trails and Ways forthcoming debut album, Pathology available June 3rd via Barsuk Records. Their first single “Skeletons” has a more clearly driven pop path, one with a danceable, crowd pleasing beat. Take a listen, pre-order, and look forward to June 3rd. Be sure to check out their website and scroll your cursor over the homepage to blaze the trail.



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