New Music Videos: Jenny Hval & Thunderpussy


Jenny Hval’s video for “That Battle is Over” and Thunderpussy’s “Welcome to the Disco.”

Everyone suffers from a little post-vacation sluggishness, especially when your flight comes in on Monday and you realize there’s more week left in the week. Did I really hike to the top of a mountain on Saturday? That was like, five days ago, but it feels like a lifetime. Sad emoji.

But, we bounce back! And new videos to visually jog our minds into style inspiration from Thunderpussy, mental guidance keeping us off the edge of insanity with Jenny Hval, and a little glitter will help the week go by smoother.

Jenny Hval released a new video for “That Battle is Over.” The video’s flashlight-lit composition has the same feeling of sneaking into an abandoned mental institution where the patients are still very much alive It’s an eerie, uncomfortably relatable feeling of losing control but in the same instance, relief that you have lost it.

Director Zia Anger describes the video as such “I guess it goes back to ’96 for me, and the ‘girl power’ mantra I’ve been repeating since I learned it from the Spice Girls. The female experience is far from singular (and even further from this white, suburban, American-retro dream), yet around every corner there is a common pain, a wisdom of ecstasy, and an obsession with the uncanny that we all share. Collaborating with an entirely female creative team (with the support of a few great gentlemen) gave birth to an exploration of Jenny’s song and an inquiry into the sarcasm that pulses through it.” Jenny Hval’s album Apocalypse, girl is out June 9th via Sacred Bones.

On the flip side of this video twofer, the self proclaimed “Rock n’ Roll’s New Diamond in the Muff” Thunderpussy has rode into our dive bar dance parties with “Welcome to the Disco.” The band is comprised of  Molly Sides, Whitney Petty (Deerhunter), Leah Julius (Cumulus, Sundries), and Lena Simon (La Luz, Kairos). Molly Sides sings with a howling rock n’ roll goddess energy that will break balls and hearts all at once. Thunderpussy have a bunch of songs on their Soundcloud, but this first visual glimpse of the band in it’s glittering, fringed excellence is already making me want more.

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