New Music: Torres “Cowboy Guilt”


Listened to Torres’ new album to cover the lame of the new Jem and the Holograms trailer.

There’s a little voice inside my head that’s telling me this week will be better than the average seven days. But there’s another subtle, demonic reminding me that on Saturday, I will be another year older. Two voices telling me to feel two different ways? I should probably think about a residency at the looney bin. Or I can rationalize it with music from Mackenzie Scott, a.k.a. Torres, who recognizes that at 22, she certainly doesn’t have the years under her belt to know exactly what’s best for her, but can write a damn good song about moral conflict and self realization.

Torres’ new album Sprinter records her journey through childhood, out of college, degree in hand and wondering what to do with her newfound status in the “real” world. Hey! – doesn’t that sound like something lots of you are going through right now? Crazy how relatable humans are to other humans, right?). Scott’s songwriting makes it clear that the right answers to the big moral dilemma of life isn’t always, well, clear. But she’s more interested in exploring the options than finding the answers.

Check out Torres on her U.S. tour, making a stop in Seattle this Saturday at Barboza.  Sprinter is available now wherever fine records are sold, and if you’re thinking about a birthday present for your *cough* favorite writer *cough* – comment below!

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