New Music: The 405 Premieres Poema EP


Poema debut their EP Pretty Speeches on The 405 ahead of its official release date July 10th.

Are you as sunburned as a blistered tomato? Yep, me too. I spent the Fourth of July playing music, smoking weed and taking it easy on the beach in Mukilteo and spending time being lazy. If only I had Poema’s new EP Pretty Speeches with me over the weekend. It’s mellow, sunshine alt rock tinged with a little cloudiness is perfectly fitting my current mood. You can stream Poema’s whole EP on The 405 and pre-order the EP on iTunes. 


 For a sunny acoustic alt-rock sound, the breezy disposition of the music is betrayed by the subject matter of Poema’s heartbreak shattered all over the EP. The press photo of Poema gives headway to the feelings evident throughout their lyrics: dressed in white summer dresses, one reclining listlessly and the other slouched and brooding. It’s a cruel summer aesthetic that floats the feeling of hating beautiful days because they don’t reflect your mood.Tracks like “Forget You in L.A.,” a Lana Del Rey in Santa Monica vibe, warms up the heartache and tones down the glamorous side of summertime sadness. Softer moments on the EP like the quiet whispers of “Madeline” and the white flag surrender of the opening track “Go Away,” which pushes the chorus “if you’re gonna go away then go away” and at the very end, a final plea: “I want you to stay,” immediately put forth the vulnerability and realism of the sisters. 

When talking about their writing process, Elle Puckett said ““For this collection of songs we gave ourselves complete freedom. No boundaries, no time limits, and nothing to distract us from pulling out the best material we could.” Without any ties, Poema take the time to reflect, process, and heal the wounds without a trace of a scar, only a killer EP.


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