New Music: Katterwaul’s Album ’15 Forever’


Katterwaul have released their new album 15 Forever on BandCamp and here’s the point in this sentence where you stop reading and go download it. I know I’m demanding, but it’s admittedly because I missed Katterwaul’s show in Seattle and I haven’t forgiven myself for missing it, so I’m trying to make amends.

While we’ve had some fantastic albums in 2015 highlighting the growing pains of accepting adulthood, 15 Forever covers all the grounds of Peter Pan syndrome – never growing up because you don’t have to and frankly, no one’s proposed a good enough reason to do so. If Katterwaul is forever young, they’re not quiet about it. Katterwaul careens through toughed-up rock n’ roll guitars, bellowing riffs and thrashing drums. Brittany Katter is the driving force behind the mic, a carefully controlled rebel yell that puts up the dukes to punch out a killer sound.

The last time I saw Katterwaul was in Asheville, North Carolina and several times before that in my college town where Brittany lived before hitting Tucson. The lady is no shrinking violet; she comes at the stage with all the power and might of a fearless leader charging into battle. Katterwaul’s new album only suggests that she’s going in to every show guns blazing.


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