New Music: Future Islands, Wye Oak, The War on Drugs


Aside from it being an actual workday, Tuesdays are great. It’s not Monday (we’re done with that nonsense), it’s the day before Humpday, and it’s release day. New music will make any week better, so let’s dive into some new songs.

1. Wye Oak release new single “Glory” on Merge Records – specifically engineered for optimal toe-tapping, Wye Oak released a single from their upcoming album Shriek out April 29th. Dance if you want to, leave your friends behind, but you can’t buy a prescription for the infectious beat bouncing off your eardrums. Members Jenn Wasner and Andy Stack wrote this album 3,000 miles apart, but they’ve been performing new material while on tour with Future Islands. Which brings us to…


2. Stream Future IslandsĀ Singles – The Guardian describes Samuel T. Herring’s delivery “equal parts touching and terrifying,” a compliment that speaks to the genuine emotion Herring brings to not only ‘Singles’ but the bulk of Future Islands’ work. At times he even sounds like Vincent Price, beginning songs like “Spirit” in a low growl and building to a definitive, passionate chorus. HEY! Click the image to hear it…when the last time you “clicked” something right?.

3. War on Drugs Lost in the Dream is Out Today on Secretly Canadian – Here’s a fun fact about the first few times I listened to War on Drugs’ 2011 album Slave Ambient: I 35-rpm’d that shit. It was drone-tastic and completely unexpected…because it’s a 45 rpm record. Rookie mistake, but I feel like admitting my negligence to listen to the damn thing online before buying it atones me in some way. Anyway, not making the same mistake with Lost in the Dream. Adam Granduceil hit a crossroads with the direction he wanted to take in the album. In interviews he spoke about wanting to write an uplifting record but found himself reaching into a dark place within his writing. The result? A 77 mph drive of self-reflection and conflict that sounds intricate and thoughtful. It’s something you don’t want to miss.


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