New Music: Chumped


Chances are you remember the first person who introduced you to pop punk. At my middle school we had to wear uniforms, so wearing your favorite band t-shirts was reserved for underneath the button downs and polo shirts. After school, the school-issued, ill-fitting shirts were cast aside in favor of Taking Back Sunday, New Found Glory, and Blink-182. I’d see these shirts, think “what IS that?!,” and find out. Listening to Chumped brought back all the memories of Warped Tour, Vans, teenage love, and all the pop punk majesty of my formative years. The Brooklyn band’s album Teenage Retirement smashes through clean, measured, fast instrumentals, crystal-clear vocals, and the perfect amount of power, angst, and melodrama. As an added bonus, the album cover is the perfect reflection of what I wish I had growing up in the suburbs: above ground pool? Check. Zero f*cks given? You bet. It’s hard being a teenager in love, but it’s easy being in retirement. Listen to their full album on Bandcamp and check out their tour dates with Andrew Jackson Jihad, The Smith Street Band, and Jeff Rosenstock.


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